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Osae waza, Kesa Gatame

Osae waza are hold-down techniques. OW are extremely useful to peel a comfortable position not only for  a lock or choke but also to take breath and exhaust opponent.

the most basic of basic:
Kesa Gatame (Scarf hold):

1.It consists in the fact that we are next to the opponent, so that our hips are touching.
depending on the site, grab opponent head by hand that is on the side of the hip.
2.[suppose there like in the picture] so grab a guy's head with your right hand, -we can pick up on the occasion his left arm so that it lay on his neck, so he start to choke and will not be able to strike us-
3.keep his right hand under your left armpit
remember to space out his feet as if you jumped the hurdles [VERY important] and tilt forward.
At this point the magic begins. guy panics and begins to jerk, you are adhering the largest body surface to the ground so the release of his attempts are futile.

But damn why you had space out your legs?
Guy jerking starts trying to 'do circle' on the ground so just begin to move with him moving your legs, like a compass.

remember "The lock and key 'Leaver?
lie down his right arm on your right thigh and hold it with your left leg for the wrist, now raise your hips and watch cry;)

the second option:
his right hand is 'getting caught' on your right leg so that his arm was on your thigh and the front arm around ankle / knee, now straighten / hip lift with leg lowering ,effect as above.
really quick win with a broken opponent hand.
I know that hopeless picture, but there's always something

ow  f**k! so powerfull!
Yes. To break free you need a lot of strength .... or method:
way my trainer:
grab your hand under his arm the other, while bringing as close as possible to the
guy's hip,
We press him to ours chest, hips violently pull up [something like this when taking the bridge], and we switch it through our left shoulder.
left grab his belt / pants and pull back
Now we are trying to jerk his right hand, when we do it at least partially successful, elbow should be
pounded in his right thigh / undermining it, hips up and taadaaaa!
others ways from BJJ:

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