czwartek, 21 lipca 2011

Tekubi Waza Wrist Locks

Wrist locks are used fairly extensively in Jiu Jitsu as they are particularly powerful techniques to use. Even a Samurai dressed in full body armour had no significant protection against the application of a wrist lock. Wrist locks are particularly useful in that they disable most opponent's primary weapons - i.e. his hand(s). The locks are used as full defensive techniques in their own rights as well as for restrint and on occasion finishing off an opponent - they can be exceptionally painful.

in total it's hard to describe in words-for me ,but I'll try

There are many options that lock but all boil down to:
1.Bow your opponent's hand formed 90 * of the forearm
2.Wringing his hand so that the fingers were on top
3.push forward his hand and twist in side outside his shoulder[u can push his arm towards the ground to bring him down]

if someone is exercise he is able to do it with two fingers
keep the hands at waist level for better leverage and control.

gah. videos will be better
generally what's going on:

grip and overthrow:


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  1. I have been a victim of wrist locks, not even in an jiu jitsu fight. Let me tell you this (but i guess you already know it hahaha) that is painful as it can be. Desperating really.

  2. Dude, awesome martial arts post! Totally digging it, +followed for life, thanks :D

  3. wow this is pretty amazing. I love your blog it has made me motivated to get into martial arts.

  4. Wrist locks are sick, i remember using them when someone grabs my shirt or tries to choke me haha defo one whch everyone should knw! Another great post mate

  5. Never had one done to me, and hopefully I never will.

  6. joint locks can disable the biggest opponents, the trouble is applying them when you're in the middle of a brawl!

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