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Bigger's Better 17. VI '11

Tournaments "Bigger's Better" governed by its own laws. Although the participants are fighting for the principles of boxing, they are suitably modified - for example, is permitted to punch from the market (so-called backfist), there must also compete in boxing boots, which in professional boxing is unthinkable. But it is precisely the above-mentioned modifications, and above all the fact that the tournament - in most cases - involving the players coming from other martial arts (kickboxing, muay Thai, MMA) makes the "Bigger's Better" strongly differs from similar gal as even the British, "Prizefighter."

It is not always the players with the best facilities boxing triumph in the competition. Often aggression, combined with resistance to the blows of great force and at the same time, takes over finesse and advanced technology. At the same time, you can not forget that, "Bigger's Better" players start with very different physical conditions. The competition is open to fighters weighing a minimum of 79.5 kg. What is the maximum? There are no restrictions. Tournaments "Bigger's Better" is the perfect opportunity to see whether smaller and faster, is able to beat the heavier and much stronger rival.
Pole claims it $ 15,000? - EUROSPORT

The next exhibition Poland will be represented by Luke Zygmunt (in the photo. Right). The 28-year-old player from Świdnica recorded in the past few big successes: in 2010, won the Polish championship in super heavyweight boxing in weight, and before he went like a storm in the juniors and Taps. Working in the boxing MKS Polonia Świdnica Richard Pycz, there is no doubt that Sigmund is a great coach and for each year of the praises of his huge commitment to training. - With great self-denial and hard work has survived - said after last year's triumphs Zygmunt.

 And indeed, it can not be denied any of the above characteristics. At night, working in a warehouse to earn to support his family. By day, it appears in the gym where he trains in the sweat of his brow, to the best fall gala at Lisbon. Until that strives to be a good father and husband, spend as much time with your loved ones. However, on June 17 will have only one goal - to win the tournament and pick up a check for 15 thousand dollars. Do not forget that winning the sixth edition of the "Bigger's Better" also occurs on a large gala final in South Africa, which will meet the eight masters. Will be there to win even more money.

Zygmunt coach is a living legend in Poland, martial arts, Mariusz Cieśliński. He has so many titles that they not be enough space to list. Anyone who has ever seen a duel with his participation is well aware that this is an absolute professional who fights in the ring to the end. Same is the main actor, "Bigger's Better." - It's a man who knows what it means hard work and discipline, so I took the train it - says Cieśliński. Do Pole, whose idol is Bernard Hopkins may be the trophy 6th editing? Without a doubt, has a very good chance of winning.

 you can watch it in eurosport 17.06.11 at 21.00

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