sobota, 4 czerwca 2011


Now show you something, my friend described the "truly spectacular"
  This is one of my favorite techniques, which is trivial for people with long legs

The technique is simple and quite effective in self-defense, especially when it comes to fighting with each other higher and stronger (the problem also does weight opponent).
1) We start in the position of self-defense [with one hand grasp the sleeve / shoulder the other on the collar / shirt / shoulder] and shove an opponent in the back, making a right foot step forward, and when the counter starts to fall back slightly in the back of his right foot, and then It is based on the lower abdomen opponent quickly.
2) With the torso bent forward roll over in the left buttock to sit back on your left heel and pull your hands tight while straightening the knee.
3) Once in the last phase pull opponent's shoulders to you head.

You can also rely foot on the right/left hip[depend of leg]
After the reversal of a guy, you can make an upheaval in the reverse-you are now on his chest/tummy ,and now he is yours

is also a similar version of which I use quite often
[but forgot the name and I am not able to find the source :<]:

1) grabbing an opponent pull him down and forced to be bent
2) one hand holding his right shoulder pulling him close to each other so that his occiput was based on your chest
3) simultaneously with the other hand grab his belt / pants if it is not / in place over the ass
4) sharply leans back, kicking your right leg in his left thigh (groin optional)

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  1. Neat, I, person of long legs, will certainly be looking to practice this, had to check that video a few times to see it right.

  2. sweet, now i just gotta find someone to try it on

  3. it's interesting but I haven't really ever seen this before

  4. Sweet move! though i saw this somewhere at KOF

  5. that is something i could learn! :)

  6. this is a pretty good move.

  7. I hope I never have to use this on someone lol

    Great post, definitely following!

  8. I feel like Judo would be fun to try.

  9. Legs just isn't my strong card just yet lol. working on it though.

  10. wow that's a really good tutorial for the fighting positions

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  11. that's a pretty cool technique, following.

  12. My teacher once did that to me, it was fun. for him.

  13. I am deeply interested in learning fighting related stuff, please keep posting those.

  14. I like to listen to Radiohead at the beginning of my hangover.

  15. Seems bloody useful, have to test it out sometime. ;p