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juji-gatame -hell for elbows

Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame (cross lock) is the most common and most effective lock in judo. There are many ways to do it (some even from a standing position). Its the effectiveness determines precise clasp legs, as well as pulling. The principle is to reach out towards the uke's head (ie, your). It is often assumed directly after the throw technique. Along with keeping Ude-gatame creates a true combination of the ground. Short name of "juji-gatame" is not honored by the Kodokan.

Do you remember how recently I mentioned not watching your hands on the ground?
juji-gatame is one of the effects, it really is as horrible as trivial.
ok, due to great use of juji-gatame, I will describe the general principle this lever (this is really a lot of situations : p)
1.Grasp the wrist so that your thumbs are facing upward-facing you (really important if you grab the other side, thumbs in the direction of the opponent's shoulder-he'll easily free up his hand) and 'pull out' it on our site

2.We put first leg next to his neck, another on the other side of his hand so that she found herself between the legs. (by adding a second leg now we fall to the ground)

3.If we are far away from the opponent's chest you can bring up using your legs, braid legs and raise the hips up / bend in the back, all the while pressing the top of his hand to your chest

(my ugly pic one more time) 
If you are too far away from the opponent's chest, rather you  crush yours balls than do this lock

another ways:

'flying' juji-gatame

damn how to escape?
really easy:
if you are strong: grab a second hand that on which will be expected to lock and do not let it straighten

if you're not strong: move one leg so that the opponent could not straighten them

great movie though, unfortunately, is in Japanese: /

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  1. I've seen guys sorta roll out too. Maybe if you can explode from your legs, you can whip backwards and throw the other guy off balance.

  2. Thank you very much for this.

  3. God this thing is so lethal, Ive seen many an arm ruined by it

  4. Wow, that seems looks like a really effective technique :o.

  5. This made my elbow hurt just reading it.