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welcome on the ground

Recently I found that people are stupid on the ground.
They totally don't know what to do, beating at random ,don't guarding the neck and shoulders, complete chaos.
The man who knows a few tricks, do with them what he want.

That's why i decided to show you in the near future some ground tips.

first of all:
Lock - the technique used in martial arts, which consists of laying the joint enemy in such a way as to attempt to free the evoked pain (eg, aikido), or to cause pain (such as jiu-jitsu). This is forcing joint (or a few joints) opponent to work in unnatural conditions, such as hyperextension of the elbow or knee.

general demonstrative video about simple locks:

Today we will focus on two first techniques in link above (juji gatame is too extensive technique and tell you about it another time)
it called "The lock and key ' 
banal, painful and effective
but watch out  ,because it's very easy to damage buddy : p
/forgive my clumsy drawings, I haven't anything better/

ok, 2 cases left are described in video:

1) you are on / next to the guy
2) grab with one hand (depending on site) for his wrist so that your palm over it ,so your and his hands form a 'square' and firmly press against the ground his wrist (Important!)
3) Putting the other hand, under his arm and grab yours
4) and lift up the arm which is under his and watch the tears

on the right is similar, except that you stand:

1) blocking his strike
2) grab the wrist
3) press the second

You can help yourself with your body -he'll fall faster

On the ground if the opponent's hand is directed downward it's easier to hold it- it's a natural position.
Except the lifting your arm and shoulder, you can also turn your whole body.
This lock can assume virtually in any position.

This version is more 'military':

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  1. Dam this would take some time to master...and what I always disliked about demonstrations is that the person who is doing these moves...the other person is always just standing there.

    In a fight things will happens quickly so I'm not sure if these techniques will always work out

  2. Nice, thanks for all the moves!

  3. you made nice illustrations! cool post

  4. Damn that's one position I wouldn't want to get locked in lol

  5. I took Jiu Jitsu when i was a kid. Was crazy fun.

  6. Lol I'm useless when I get on the ground in a fight. These tips were useful!

  7. That would be an awkward spot. Good tips

  8. Good reading, i will watch your posts.

  9. Thanks for the moves, I have no idea how to fight on the ground so this helps a lot.

  10. I feel more confident in my chances to survive a fight already.

  11. Very informative post! I'll definitely have to study these

  12. A prominent MMA fighter ripped some kids toe off yesterday on accident. They were doing some BJJ and his toe just sorta snapped off. Was sad.