piątek, 20 maja 2011


so, now when you know how to do uki-goshi i'll show you similar technique ,but much more effective

A) Pulling up hard right hand and break the back right foot.
B) in this way push the opponent to take a step to the left in front in order to maintain balance.
C) Vigorously pull your left hand and simultaneously shove right.
D) At the same time we turn on the fingers of his left leg and right thigh are based on the front of the opponent's right thigh. Just you have to do a 'swing' leg, you know, first to front 'setting to enter in'  [your hips have to encounter!], and then vigorously make a swing with  right foot back
E) Liquid movement sweeps his leg while twisting his whole body to the left, resulting in a fall from a height of an opponent to the ground.


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  1. thank you! i can defend myself now :D

  2. Good training ! i will search for more about this technique, and will watch your posts, looks perfect for me!

  3. i always wanted to get into this. This post is actually killing me. Why haven't I started this yet.. :/

  4. I remember doing Judo, and how I missed xD

  5. They made me do karate, for a short period, as a kid. I wanted to do judo, though. :(

  6. I should really pratise some more...