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In May, the first time at the Polish seaside his uncommon ability to presented the best MMA fighters in the country and the world. The seven fights, including two fights tonight with Mamed Khalidov and Mariusz Pudzianowski, and it is all in the new hall of the largest Polish Ergo Arena during KSW16!

 KSW 16 - Results:
EXTRAFIGHT: Marcin "Różal" Różalski vs Vitali Shlemetov
1r, TKO
EXTRAFIGHT: Vegh Attila vs. Grigor Aschugbabjan
EXTRAFIGHT: Artur Sowinski vs Cengiz Dana
EXTRAFIGHT: Michael Materla vs James "The Messenger" Zikic
EXTRAFIGHT: Jan Blachowicz vs Toni Valtonen
2r, subjecting
Main event: Mariusz Pudzianowski vs James Thompson
2r, subjecting

Main event: Mamed Khalidov vs Matt Lindland

In the main battle could see the rising star of the Polish scene of MMA-Mariusz Pudzianowski. This is a promising player with the title of world's strongest man. In my opinion, to fight, despite his defeat 21.05.2011 was by far the best in the history of his fights, not only technically but also spectacular.

I presented the record (because it was really good), but the Polish TV 'Polsat' leads a stupid policy of 'all mine' and reports claim the copyright to all the videos of fights they are published on the Internet.

but I managed to dig up the final evening of the second fight Mammedem in the lead role. In my opinion, this warrior is the best player the NSS, both in terms of experience and technique, one can not deny him-finesse;)

and here is proof:
(unfortunately, this fight is from a previous gala)

official KSW website:

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  1. I wish there were subtitles for the first one.
    Btw second one doesn't work due to some copyright...

  2. my mistake, I corrected first, second unfortunately had to be from the earlier gala

  3. I wanna see some Muay Thai in this! :D

  4. Wow thats some great stuff. I tend to watch alot of mma over the weekends i'll have to check this out after the weeks over.

  5. This is really nice indeed.