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I will show you now a few 'tricks' to boost their own hands and not be deprived of consciousness or broken at the fall. Ukemi-because it is these 'tricks' are called they are really useful, not only in martial arts but also in everyday life(le parkour guys know what I'm mean ;), they are simply falling down techniques in which your body be laid so that the impact force is evenly spread throughout the body and not accumulated in one place:

1.Kaiten Ukemi:
Fall forward with the coup by the shoulder. Starting position: one foot in a stride forward. Lay the body in an arc that begins with a small finger of the hand extending over the shoulder, shoulder to hips against ległego. Beginners do this intertwining finger pad of both hands in such a way that the arms form a circle.

2.Mae Ukemi
Fall forward without upheaval.
From a standing position so as to fall forward on the arms and legs apart, toes on the mat sticks.
During the fall of the toes and shoulders hit the mat simultaneously.

3.Yoko Ukemi
From a standing position we swing the right leg to the left (or right-side depends on the fall) - front while sat on the left leg. We cradle on the right side of the upright right hand hit the ground near the body. The second hand is free to the waist.
I know. it looks silly from a standing position, but flying from a height, not once protected mine  kidney and my collarbones
It is important to strike the hand as much as possible into the ground.
BOTTOM hand strikes, not the top! 
4.Koho Ukemi
Pad in the back of the back, possibly two versions - the upheaval in the back and without upheaval. Starting position: Squat with arms crossed on his chest.
From the position we cradle on her back with outstretched arms while hitting close to the body of the mat and snap the legs forward.
During the exercise pad remember to attract the chin to the chest to his head did not hit the ground. The straightness of the legs in front is aimed at creating anti-gravity for the body which generates additional lifting of the head.

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  1. I shall attempt these next time I fall in public.

  2. These are really useful tips.

  3. And this ends with my public humiliation when I fall. Thank you.

  4. 'I know. it looks silly from a standing position'
    No it doesn't, looks like you'll strike someone down with vengeance :D

  5. That's a really nice marshall arts fight sport man! Thanks for writing about it! Helped me alot!

  6. thanks for advices but I think I would rather kill myself than do this lol

  7. I didn't know that i was doing ukemi while drunk from my stairs. I have to add that i wasn't failing it was controled stunt at which i succeded (by not breaking anything!)

  8. This site is awesome! As a traceur i love to see all of the martial arts

  9. Getting the first one right is hard.

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  11. this is actually pretty cool and parkour vids are amazing to watch =D

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  15. lol @Dingus.
    Thanks for these great tips mate looking forward to reading more

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