środa, 18 maja 2011


These are simple hip-techniques in which can easily throw your opponent, especially good for women ; )
(but you should remember they are easy to counter)

The main difference is that o-goshi is much more 'deeper'

A) We take a little closer to the opponent than is required by a natural position.
B) Slide the right foot between his feet, and we take a step back left foot after a big curve.(this way we enter into close contact with your opponent's torso with the torso-should now be sideways to the opponent)
C) shove your opponent's hips  buttocks in the back and we raise it up and forward (on a turnover right shoulder must be lower than the opponent's shoulders. It reminds me of the position in tango.)
O-goshi) Strikes up his hips by straightening your knees forceful
Uki-goshi) Pulling up sharply left and roll it through the hip.
E) The opponent falls to earth.



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  1. Cool post man, i'll try these out when i'm a bit drunk ;)

  2. seems worth learning, interesting!

  3. seems worth learning, interesting!