wtorek, 17 maja 2011


You ever been in a situation where someone grabbed you and did not know what to do?
Or just want to throw opponents like James Bond?
Nothing more difficult! (but be careful because this throw is really deadly in its own way;)

A) outside the grip of the opponent's left forearm.
B) Light pulling it together and forced, to wanting to maintain a balance took a step forward.
c) Liquid rotation to the left taking the inside of his hand. {VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE! to effectively throw the opponent you have to block his arm under his arm with your elbow bent-so that his hand was locked between your forearm and arm
  -allows you to freely manipulate the body of an opponent and effectively throw the case of releasing him from toyur left hand grip}
d) Taking the opponent on his back with slightly bent knees (hips hit on his hips.)
E) Fast bowing while straightening the knees and ending sequences of the throw of the right shoulder.
When you throw, it's good to turn to the right site-gives a lot of strength of this technique

 video: http://www.youtube.com/v/4m8Qf3X-eW4&hl=en

10 komentarzy:

  1. Very informative.Self defense is a necessity during those times.

  2. Looks like an interesting martial art.

  3. So start, it's great when it comes to improving performance regardless of age

  4. Judo looks awesome. I'm also tempted to try Jiu-Jutsu or BJJ... I've only ever trained in Yoshinkan Aikido though.

  5. Holy crap.
    I really want to be strong enough to do this

  6. most people just freeze

  7. Looks awesome. Will try it out haha

  8. A shirt doesn't usually have the consistency of a Gi. That's why I prefer wrestling and BJJ/Muay Thai for MMA.

  9. Beans: in my section is a minor girl- 40kg/150-60cm and throws me like he wants: D does not count only the strength but technique, if you start well the rest just happens ; )

    Mike: of course, the shirts are thinner but not your problem if they become torn asunder;)
    You can grab the wrist instead of a sleeve, BJJ is very similar to regular judo, differs in some details, and ranks